MindForce DXB is actively seeking strategic partners to help fund our mission to help our clients get the right help when they need it.

We are inviting partners to join us along with the DHA and Dubai Police, to make the UAE a global leader in mental health and addiction provision.


Omnia is a global brand and digital transformation agency. We transform brands through creative innovation, intelligent technology and experience led design. Headquartered in Dubai we have offices in Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Canada and Manchester. We are proud to be the brand and digital partner for Mindforce in the UAE. It is vital that we promote mental health awareness in the Region and help save lives. #justreachout


Welkom and Mindforce are working together to create a bespoke mental health digital platform to ‘prevent, respond and recover’


MindForce DXB will work with Community Leaders, Community Social Media, Religious Leaders and Senior business owners to deliver the message that mental health is important and awareness is a must as it covers everyone in the UAE, not just the people we can see and hear.

MindForce is offering full Brand Activation and marketing opportunities

Event partnerships


Online & Digital marketing opportunities

Business partnership introductions

Press & Social Media

Workshop branding

Mental health seminars for staff

Mental health first aid training

1-1 helplines

Tailored packages available for all potential fund partners

Funding Partners

We, together with Dubai Police and DHA, would like to invite funding partners to invest in saving lives

Globally, Mental Health and addiction concerns are on the rise. In a country with so much progressions and innovation, individuals can get lost in the system. Some may not have adequate healthcare provision. Some may not know where to turn to for assistance. Some may have the resources to access the right care but don’t know the right place to start. Some may have cultural or religious concerns when asking for help. MindForce was founded to assist every citizen of the UAE. We believe profoundly that regardless of who the sufferer is, what their background or situation, they should be supported. We have created a platform where Funding Partners are helping to assist (full or part) with medical bills where appropriate. In return for their assistance our Partners receive media recognition and branding opportunities at our events and in our media activities.

Strategic Partners

Medical Partners

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