Accessing support for addiction and mental health challenges can be confusing, complicated and expensive.

MindForce DXB was founded to act as a liaison between the individual seeking assistance and the many options there are available in the UAE.

We have the support of both Dubai Police and the DHA (Dubai Health Authority).

We take the individual needs our clients, regardless of their financial or social background, and refer them to the right institution.

MindForce DXB has an extensive network of experts in the field of mental health support and addiction. Our talent lies in matching the individual to the right support.


At MindForce DXB, all indviduals will be treated confidentially. Our medical partners will offer the best service, support, and advice available. We are fully compliant with data protection regulations, including Global Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR).

Who are Mindforce DXB

Simon Walker Managing Director, CLO and co-founder

Simon is an English Solicitor (Officer of the Supreme Court), former Hong Kong Solicitor and a Dubai DIFC Registered Foreign Lawyer. His daughter Daisy is 23, and working in “Fintech for Good” in London.

Simon has a very long pedigree in the area of mental health, and is Mindforce’s leader in regards to all business matters, as well as addiction in the context of depression, whilst Chris is focussed on more overall mental health, and in particular on preventing suicide.

Simon suffered from deep personal issues of depression and addiction whilst always managing to conduct a “functional career” as a top corporate lawyer. He lost his father to suicide and has a long family history of issues with addiction and depression. Simon had been involved in counselling people with addiction and depression issues for over 20 years.

Edmund Broad Chief Operating Officer

Edmund has a background in developing business in a broad range of sectors, including high-tech agriculture, international shipping, education and renewable energy.

He has an extensive network of contacts globally, especially in the education and wellness sectors.

Before joining MindForce DXB as COO, Edmund worked for the UAE Government on a key aquaculture initiative: growing Atlantic salmon, on land, in Dubai. He has worked with Dubai Municipality on waste-to-energy initiatives, with NATO on fuel supply, and with the United Nations on Carbon Credit mechanisms in Kenya. He has been involved in developing business, and implementing growth, in the Gulf for over a decade.

Edmund has a particular interest in education and children’s mental wellbeing.

He lives in Dubai with his wife and two young children.

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