MindForce DXB.

Combatting Mental Health Issues through Community, Education & Understanding

“Do not underestimate your thoughts, because your energy, determination, success, and even health, are directly related to your positive thoughts.”

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE


Why MindForce DXB?

“The UAE Leadership is addressing mental health and addiction problems head-on and MindForce DXB at the forefront of facilitating this important societal change. MindForce DXB was created to be the glue between individuals and mental health and addiction practitioners in the UAE.”

– Simon Walker : Co-founder, 2021

Individual Support

MindForce DXB is working with a wide range of Partners to help people get the right advice, the right medication and the right support they need, in a cost-effective way, regardless of their situation.

Workplace Support

We are working with inidividuals in their journey back to the workplace and getting their lives back on track.


Over 500,000 people

people are suffering from mental health issue in the UAE


increase of patients in the UAE seeking help for mental health issues


of professionals want more done on mental wellbeing in the workplace

7.57 per 100,000

was the suicide rate in the UAE


18-24 yr olds struggling with Mental Health in the Middle East<

We, together with Dubai Police and DHA, would like to invite funding partners to invest in saving lives

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